‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Hits B.O. Tracking Boards: Current Opening Estimates At $185M-$210M

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Hits B.O. Tracking Boards: Current Opening Estimates At $185M-$210M

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The Agile Games

I have recently been looking for new games that help to explain Agile, both as the organizational Scrum Master in SQream Technologies, and as a father of a nine year old boy, that needs his father to explain and demonstrate what he is doing at school.

More than six years ago, when I did my Scrum Master course, Idice participated in the micro management game (the one with a manager micro managing the worker to avoid obstacles) and it was quite a nice experience. I also “created” my own game, the dice game, which I use when I run mini Scrum workshops, but I was always looking for good games that can explain much better than slides and talks. What can I say, I love games, especially board games…

board games

One game that attracted my attention is the “Ball point game” which looks very promising. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am very much looking forward to try it out soon. Link to “Ball Point Game”

A few other games I found on the web are:

And lastly, though not all the games are clear, and I think the language is in Dutch, I find this video very interesting to watch, especially because of the soundtrack…

There are many more games out there, and I would love to hear about your favorite, so you are more than welcome to comment here or write to me about them.

Is Agile dead? I don’t think so. Part II

During my research on the subject of the “death of Agile”, I have encountered quite a few posts about the Crimson-guardproblem of abuse of the word “Agile”. [I must admit, and that’s even part of my “Star Wars – Agile – Dark side” theory (see So what is the dark side?), that indeed this is a problem. People are using “Agile”, “Agility” and even “DevOps” for ideas, processes and more that have little to do with the real concept of Agile. They are even doing it for their own private needs (money, power) and not necessarily just because they did not fully understand it (hence, they are “Siths”).]

These posts include Agile is dead. Long live agility where the author (one of the Agile Manifesto’s signatories) concentrates on this very topic, in which the word Agile is abused, and he promotes the use of Agility instead, hoping this would make a difference.

Another example is The Manifesto is ancient history. Agile is alive and changing where the author writes about the meaning of the word Agile.

Though this discussion is very interesting, and often raises clarity on some of the topics, and although I already admitted that this is indeed a problem, I must say that this has nothing to do with the ‘death of Agile’. Even if the word is misused, even if there is vagueness around the differences between the Manifesto and Agile (and even Agility), this just comes to show that we need to be more clear about our terms and thoughts, and has nothing to do with whether these ideas and terms are still alive, still have meaning and still work.

The real discussion should be whether Agile and the manifesto are here to stay, or whether there is a need to do something else. This and more, in my next post on the subject.


Going to an Agile conference with a lecture on Star Wars!! How Exciting

In the beginning of next year, I am going to attend an Agile Practitioners conference here in Tel Aviv.

One of the lectures is going to be:

The Empire Tests First – Making a Star Wars Movie

How exciting is that?!?

See more details here


Next week there is a talk in the Agile Testing Days in Germany titled:


Here is a link: link to talk

What better way to study the Agile Manifesto, than in the fun and easily understandable context of Star Wars?!

Would have loved to be there…