Renovating the apartment using Trello

Hi there,

It’s been a long time since I last posted in this blog. I reckon that’s because I was too busy at work and at my second work – my wife and I started a project of renovating our new apartment, which is taking quite a lot of percentage or our (used to be) spare time.

Tamar and I discovered that even when you take an interior decorator and a contractor to design and perform the actual work, as the owners of the apartment you have so much on your hands that it seems like the project owns us and not the other way round.

As an agile practitioner, I was disturbed with the chaos we initially had and tried to find a constructive way of following the work being done, the backlog and the impediments. Soon enough I found the perfect tool for this – Trello. I knew Trello of course from work, having boards on numerous projects and flows, but didn’t quite use it at home yet.

So I started filling in the lists and items and the current board looks like this (sorry it is in hebrew):


This board reflects the status of the apartment (including the actual planned move) 4 weeks before D-Day.

In the beginning, that seemed to be enough, but lately, when the time started to be short, and every day matters, my wife and I started to have nightly sessions on the project, discussing the status and reflecting it on the board. We actually started to have “dailies” you could say, where each of us answer the three questions – what do we know was done since last time, what is planned to be done till next time, and what are the impediments. We also go through the backlog and prioritize it according to the new knowledge we have accumulated.

How will the project end? We will probably know that only in a few weeks time…

Oh, and May the 4th be with you, always (thanks Ben!)

Author: Omer Meshar

A fan of Star Wars, Agile methodologies and TOC. Acting as an organizational Scrum Master in SQream Technologies.

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