World Retro Day

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Yeah I know. It was hard to find time and energy in the last year or so. But – at least I am writing now…

Yesterday (27/02/2019) was World Retro Day and we in CyberArk decided to host a retrospective on retrospectives.

I must admit, it was actually very nice to be part of a world event, even if there was hardly any real connection between the different events all around the world. For me it was enough to see that we are “on the map”:

The (1) in the middle east is us!!!

So what did we do? We had a retrospective on doing retrospectives. We used the 5 steps of the retrospective structure, each step with a fixed time box (between 5 to 15 minutes) and we picked in advance the techniques to use in each step (e.g. one word, five whys and more). We also had pizza and bear of course 🙂

We had guests from outside the company as well as a few Scrum Masters from CyberArk, all looking to take away some new idea to make their retrospective a little better. Seems like we succeeded, looking at the list of takeaways we created:

  • Present motivation for games at “set the stage”
  • The retro structure is critical for getting good insights
  • The problems of the Scrum Master are common, so there is hope
  • Do “Set the stage”
  • Use the results of “Set the stage” in the rest of the retro
  • We can start with a period of basic retros (to maintain/to improve) and only afterwards add additional techniques
  • When you try a new/different thing in the team, explain why and the value you want to achieve
  • Define/Design “using games” as an experiment for several sprints

Finally, we took a picture:

world retro day.jpgI had a really good and interesting time, and I must admit I gained some new ideas and understanding on retrospectives. It was also a good practice to facilitate a retro with more prescribed and time boxed steps than usual. It works quite good.

Author: Omer Meshar

A fan of Star Wars, Agile methodologies and TOC. Acting as an organizational Scrum Master in SQream Technologies.

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