[Reblog] Say “agile” one more time

Here is a nice blog post about Agile, and how it can be wrongly misused/misunderstood: Say “agile” one more time

you mean agile

While reading it, I thought again about the idea of Agile being old, dead, inappropriate to the current industry. Is it really? I think it really depends on what you mean by Agile. If you mean that you must follow all the Scrum artifacts and ceremonies, no matter what, then it might be good for you, but it might also be misleading you to places you don’t want to be (like in Galina’s post). If, instead, you understand agile, and any of its frameworks, as a mindset of quick feedback loops, a way to organize your teams (as opposed to chaos) and a way to help the people focus on the correct things, then probably Agile is still good for your needs.


Author: Omer Meshar

A fan of Star Wars, Agile methodologies and TOC. Acting as an organizational Scrum Master in SQream Technologies.

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